There are a lot of different varieties of tents out there, and you really have to do your research before you buy these days. We’ve found that the options very greatly depending on how many people you’re hoping to sleep. Generally speaking, larger tents seem to be more secure, while smaller tents seem to be built primarily to get you where you’re going with as little operational weight as possible. Our needs are right in the middle, so we went to search for the best 3 person tent out there- trying to discover exactly what our choices were, and we settled on the CORE 3 Person Instant Dome Tent.

Why Choose This?

It’s huge for three people at seven by seven. You’ll be able to stand to your full height and still have room to stretch- which was a huge perk for us. Additionally, it only takes about 30 seconds to set up and get inside. We love to camp and hike but we hate to get trapped in the rain, snow, or wind when it’s time to eventually set up shop.

It’s also highly lightweight and built to last which means that you’re not spending your hard earned money on a piece of junk that’s going to break on you within a few years. It’s also got a lot of really cool features, which we’ll discuss when we go over the construction of this tent.

We really liked that it was built to specifically keep out bad weather, but also keep you cool- and it was affordable too! We didn’t spend a whole lot, but we felt like we got a lot. It includes everything you need to get started too, right in the bag- your rain fly, the tent stakes, and even a carry bag to make it easy to tote.


When it comes to construction of our tents, we’re pretty picky. After all, when you’re making something your permanent shelter for a few days while you’re out in nature, you want to make sure that you’re well protected when push comes to shove. We also enjoyed the panoramic view and ceiling in warm weather with the expansive meshing system that ensures that proper venting and cooling can take place in any situation. Want some privacy? Don’t worry, the tent also features zippered privacy panels on all of the doors and windows, just in case.

Core H20 Block Technology Keeps You Dry and Safe

There really aren’t a lot of tents on the market in the $70 price range that provide the weatherproofing that the CORE 3 Person does. The fabrics that make up the weather fly completely resist water and actively bead the water on the surface so that it flows right off, instead of saturating the fabric, or pooling up on the surface. The seams are sealed so that the interior resists water completely, meaning that you’re never going to have to worry about it springing a leak and waking up wet. Additionally, there’s plenty of meshing and ventilation in even the hottest temperatures- which makes it perfect for all around camping excursions.

Very sturdy, and unbelievably easy to set up

We were a little skeptical about the sturdiness of this model because, as we mentioned, it sets up in about a minute. We were pleasantly surprised to see how durable it really was when push came to shove and we had to deal with extreme weather situations. Not only is the frame made from high quality steel, the stakes are built to be sturdy in virtually any condition- yet another reason that it’s the best three person tent.

Plenty of pockets to keep your supplies organized and at the ready

We’re sticklers for organization. One of our favorite parts about this model is that it gives you plenty of space to put everything, as well as lantern hooks and organizer pockets.

Sealed seams and rain resistant doors and windows

This feature is very important to us. We’ve had plenty of tents that have sprung leaks around the doors and windows, and at that point, it’s time to throw in the towel and buy a new tent. The CORE 3 Person Instant Dome Tent is very well reinforced to make sure that you stay warm and dry in practically any situation, whether it’s wet or dry, hot or cold.

Weather and Use

The specialized design on this one gives it an advantage in poor weather situations. Unlike other models out there, it doesn’t absorb water when it gets wet, so you don’t have to worry about the material getting saturated and picking up water. Plus the design means that it’ll weather virtually any storm you throw at it with aplomb, instead of sinking under the pressure.

Additionally, you can just throw it together when you need to escape a potentially hazardous storm! That’s yet another huge plus in our book.


  • Excellently designed and very sturdy in any weather condition
  • Perfect size for three people, and plenty of headroom
  • Very affordable
  • Highly reinforced at the seams and doors


  • Could have more space for users, especially if they’re larger individuals as the size ratio is only rated for one queen sized mattress.
  • Built for speed, so it’s not quite as sturdy as heavier camping models.


When you need supreme usability in a pinch, go for this model. The CORE 3 Person Instant Dome Tent is the best 3 person tent on the market today, built to resist the weather and provides exceptional ease of use at a fraction of the price of the other guys- making it a strong purchase in our books.