Danner Men's Mountain Light Overton Boot

Proper hiking equipment is the most important thing during hiking. Good hiking shoes are the chief object that you should keep in mind while collecting hiking equipment. If you think that Ordinary shoes or running shoes will do fine while hiking, then you are wrong. They won’t be able to do the job. It is always recommended that one should have proper shoes that have been especially designed for hiking. This will make sure that the hiker is comfortable and safe. The boot should be light, comfortable, provide maximum traction and grip, and not let the toes and ankles get tired. Above all, they should be perfect and durable in kinds of weather, protecting your foot no matter what the weather conditions are outside.Danner Men's Mountain Light Overton Boot

Features and specifications:

Danner’s hiking shoes are the most innovative, and amongst the earliest companies to manufacture hiking shoes. They are the best manufacturers when it comes to different kinds of hiking boots. The designs of the shoes is aimed at maximum strength and durability.in addition to this, they are comfortable, and are known for their good friction and great grip for your feet. Here are some detailed features and specifications you must know before you purchase the product:

Comfort and ease: These boots have been mainly designed for comfort. They have been made using the best materials, hence they fulfill every function that a good hiking boot must. It secures your foot well, keeps it safe, keeps the soles, the ankles, the toes in a strong yet gentle grip and prevent it from twisting or getting hurt. Also, they provide good support and comfort to the foot while going downhill. Made fromVibram rubber, this special rubber is used for maximum grip which is helpful on slippery or very rough surfaces.

Prevent debris from damaging your foot: The boots have deep lugs. This is helpful because it makes it easy to remove any debris that might get inside the boot while hiking. It can be really dangerous and difficult to remove the debris while hiking. The debris can bruise and cut the foot.

Safety: Designed using the trademarked GTX technique, or GORE-TEX, these shoes are the epitome of safety while hiking.It makes a very firm and secure grip. Your foot can breathe during the hiking, because this is a breathable material. This means your foot feel fresh and dry no matter how long you hike. The rand of the shoes is made of nylon which keeps the foot dry during wet or hot weather.

Great design: the shoes have been cleverly designed to look like ordinary shoes. Unlike other hiking shoes, they do not look large and bulky, instead, they look like cool running shoes, only with all the robustness of a hiking boot

Pros and Cons:


  • Durable
  • Good grip on foot
  • Smart design
  • Breathable


  • does not cover the ankles

What the customers had to say about it?

All the customers who bought these products were very happy with them, and gave it 4.3 stars out of 5.


This is designed for those who prefer an all-rounder pair of boots, which is safe, stylish and reliable. Buy it if you want the best hiking experience.