best comfortable work boots

When you work a tough job, you need a tough pair of work boots. And Danner’s Super Rain Forest uninsulated boots are as rugged as they come. With the highest quality, durable leather and Danner’s famous stitch down construction, these boots can stand up to just about anything.

Full Grain Leather

Danner’s Super Rain Forest work boots are made with high-quality full grain leather. Full grain leather isn’t sanded, snuffed or buffed to remove imperfections. Instead, the grain is left intact to take full advantage of the leather’s fiber durability and comfortable work boots

As an extra added benefit, full grain is breathable, which means less moisture is absorbed. This type of leather doesn’t wear out in time, but develops a patina instead.

Only the highest quality shoes are made with full grain leather, and this pair of work boots is no exception to that rule. We love the thickness of the leather and the durable stitch down construction.

Durable and Supportive

The Super Rain Forest boots feature Danner’s stitch down construction. If you know anything about stitch down boots, you know that Danner is the best there is. They’ve been making their boots this way for more than 70 years.

But what does stitch down actually mean? The upper part of the boot is actually stitched into the boot’s insole with heavy thread. This creates an ultra-secure and durable attachment. The upper part of the boot is flared before being stitched to the insole, so your foot has a wider platform to rest on. The upper insole of the boot is cemented to the outsole, so they can easily be re-soled to add years of life to these boots.

Altogether, this boot offers 8” of support with hyper-strong thread and triple stitching. The Vibram sole is tough and durable too. In case you didn’t know, Vibram’s founder was credited with inventing the very first rubber lug soles used on heavy duty work and utility boots. The company is known for its exceptional quality, and just by wearing these boots, we could tell the soles weren’t going to wear out anytime soon.

For added protection, a layer of double thick leather covers the shoe’s toe box. These aren’t steel toe boots, so don’t expect complete toe protection. But they do a fair job at protecting against most falling objects.

Danner’s Super Rain Forest Work Boots Features and Specs

  • Vibram sole.
  • Full grain leather.
  • Danner’s stitch down construction.
  • Ultra-strong thread with triple stitching.
  • Uninsulated.
  • 8” of support.
  • GORE-TEX lining.
  • Made in the USA.

What Customers Are Saying

There’s no doubt about it – people love these work boots, and so do we. Reviewers had no problems wearing these boots for 10 hours or more.

The only minor issue we ran into was that these boots can run a little large. Only two reviewers said the boots were too big, so they may have just ordered the wrong size. We thought the fit was perfect, so these reviewers are definitely in the minority.


Overall, the Danner Men’s Super Rain Forest work boots are durable and comfortable. They look great too. Made with full grain leather and Danner’s stitch down construction, these are boots that will last you years if you take care of them. We highly recommend these boots to anyone who needs a quality pair of work boots.