If you’ve never worn the Irish Setter brand of boot before, this brand is known for their quality design and comfort. This model is just that: comfortable and durable. Work in an industrial setting? The aluminum toe will protect your feet and ensure that even if you drop a wrench or brick on your foot, there’s protection, so you’re not injured in the process. We really liked this boot, starting with its design.

Quality Leather Design

Made from genuine leather, you’ll smell that leather scent the moment you pull these boots out of the box. Featuring the easy lace-up styling, you’ll be able to quickly lace your boots and tighten them for a snug fit, or leave the laces a little looser for added comfort.

Featuring brown leather, this boot is aesthetically pleasing, and you won’t have to worry about mud stains.

While sturdy, the leather is comfortable and won’t restrict motion. There’s also added room at the front of the boot for extra toe comfort. The wedged heel makes standing on concrete floors all day tolerable. We didn’t even realize we were wearing these boots – that’s how comfortable of a fit they provide.

Weighing just two pounds, you’ll be able to easily walk around and not tire due to heavy boots. With an aluminum toe, this is the perfect choice for construction workers, mechanics, surveyors and even landscapers and electricians.

Traction and Comfort

Featuring a 6” height, you’ll have padding if a nail or a tack enters into the bottom of the boot.  The extra padding also allows for more shock absorption. The footbed is a removable polyurethane.

We found that while there was no shank, we didn’t experience any foot pain or discomfort in our feet.

The traction is amazing. The only surface that the company rates as “good” (as opposed to “excellent”) is chemicals, which can have different substances that will make you lose traction. Perfect for electricians, these boots are ideal for electrical hazards. The aluminum toe will also provide substantial protection in case anything falls on your foot.

Irish Setter Men’s 6” Features

  • 6-inch sole.
  • Aluminum toe.
  • Removable footbed.
  • Briar Turbo Vega Leather.
  • Rubber, EVA Traction Tread.
  • Goodyear Welt construction.
  • ASTM rating.
  • Slip / Heat / Oil and Gas resistance.

What Others Are Saying

Irish Setter wearers find that this boot is immensely comfortable. It’s not only the inside of the boot that provides comfort, but the extra toe room ensures that toes have more than enough space to not become stiff or sore during the day. It’s a great combination of comfort and durability.

Users have stated that the aluminum toe is as durable as its steel counterpart, but we didn’t test this.

The only complaint is that these boots run large. You read that right. They’re a little too large for the size displayed, so you’ll want to go with a ½ to a full size smaller than your normal boot size. In our opinion, larger is much better than being too small.


We weren’t sure how comfortable these boots would be without a shank, but we were blown away after wearing them. They provide immense comfort, and there’s more than enough room for your toes when wearing them. A little larger than advertised, we did notice that the size was a little big, but you can easily remedy this issue by purchasing a pair that’s a little smaller.

An aluminum boot and slip-resistance technology make this a great boot for workers. You’ll have traction, comfort and style all melded into a single boot. Plus, Irish Setter is affordable.