comfortable work boots reviews

If your working conditions are unpredictable, you need a boot that can stand up to just about anything. And the Keen Utility Pittsburgh boots can do just that. With a waterproof lining, supportive TPU plate and protective steel toe that meets safety standards, these boots can be worn in the rain and in hazardous work environments. After hearing great things about the Pittsburg boot, we were excited to finally get a chance to review them.comfortable work boots reviews

Steel Toe Protection

It’s hard to beat the protection that steel toe boots offer. While there are plenty of shoe manufacturers that offer steel toe boots, Keen Utility does things a little bit differently. Their safety toes are asymmetrical, which gives you some more room in the toe box.

Now, we don’t always have the best experiences with steel-toed boots. They can pinch, and sometimes, they’re downright uncomfortable. But not the Pittsburgh boots. These shoes are comfortable, flexible and designed to match the natural curves of your feet. And they meet ASTM and F2413-11 safety standards.

Another thing that’s unique about these boots is that the outsole actually wraps up and around the toe box. This gives you an extra layer of protection without sacrificing comfort.

Waterproof and Comfortable

Keen boots are known for being comfortable, and we touched on this briefly above. But comfort goes way beyond a roomier toe box. These boots feature:

  • KEEN.KEY-TECH: A full-length TPU stability plate that offers stability under your feet and forefoot flexibility.
  • Metatomical footbed design: A support mechanism inside of the shoe that’s anatomically designed. The footbed offers great arch support and melds to the natural contours of your foot reducing discomfort and ensuring a natural footbed feel.

There’s no question – these boots are comfortable.

But that’s not all they are – they’re waterproof too. These boots feature a KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane and Dry-lex waterproof lining to keep your feet dry in wet conditions. KEEN.DRY’s membrane is incredibly breathable. It lets moisture out, but doesn’t let water in. This is a feature you’ll appreciate if you’re working in hot or humid conditions. And the Dry-lex waterproof lining provides you with an extra layer of protection against wet conditions.

Keen Utility Pittsburgh Features and Specs

  • Rubber sole; leather and textile upper.
  • KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane.
  • KEEN.KEY-TECH TPU interlocking torsion plate.
  • Asymmetrical steel toe.
  • Oil- and slip-resistant.
  • Dry-lex lining with hydrophobic two-zone comfort technology.
  • Meets ASTM and F2413-11 safety standards.

Buyer Feedback

Keen Utility is known for their quality, comfort, and style. We were impressed by the Pittsburg steel toe boots, and it looks like other buyers were too. It was hard to find anyone that had anything to complain about which is always nice.

One thing we did see: one or two reviewers didn’t like the fit of these boots. We thought they fit true to size and had no issues with comfort. It could be that these few reviewers simply bought the wrong size. These were just a few people out of over 150, so it’s not a common complaint by any means.

The Bottom Line

The Keen Utility Pittsburgh boots are a great choice if you’re in need of protective waterproof boots. With a roomy steel toe, supportive TPU plate and waterproof lining, these are work shoes you can wear in just about any weather. We give the Pittsburgh boots our seal of approval.