Thorogood’s American Heritage boot is affordable and durable. We liked the way this boot looked, but slipping it on and realizing how versatile this boot is gave us a whole new appreciation for this model. With a tobacco gladiator or oil color, you can wear this boot for work or general wear.

Slip Resistant Design

When it comes to aesthetics, this is a beautiful boot that is made in the USA and features full-grain leather. Durable and a pleasure to wear, we found one of the best features to be the most basic: a slip-resistant design.

Whether shoveling the driveway or working on the road in icy or wet conditions, the slip resistance ensures that you won’t lose your footing and fall to the ground. Boots need to have immense traction, but traditionally fail on icy surfaces.

A quick look at the bottom of the boot shows a textured design perfect for gaining traction on slippery surfaces. The sole is synthetic to add further resistance to slips. But, the true slip resistance comes from the rubber wedge outsole.

Shock Absorption Footbed

Comfort comes from more than just the fit of the boot. A myriad of sizes are available, but the true comfort stems from the shock absorption footbed.

Dual density for the utmost in shock absoportion, the footbed ensures that even if you’re running or hiking in these boots, you’re boot will absorb more impact. This reduces the pressure put on the arch of the foot and the knees. When wearing boots all day, this is a welcomed addition. You can also remove the footbed.

The comfort doesn’t stop there.

There’s a fiberglass shank. A shank provides additional support for the arch of the foot so that extended wear is comfortable and doesn’t lead to foot pain. Choosing fiberglass instead of metal, the company ensures that there’s minimal weight added to the boot.

Thorogood American Heritage 8″ Features

  • Tanned leather.
  • Cotton drill vamp lining.
  • Fiberglass shank.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • Rubber wedge.
  • Dual density shock absorption.
  • Slip-resistant design.
  • Non-marking.
  • Plain Toe Boot.

What Others Are Saying

There’s a lot to like about the Thorogood American Heritage. The cotton drill vamp lining is warm and will keep your feet warm even in high winds. The anti-slip design ensures you have as much traction as possible in wet or snowy conditions. When we needed to dig our feet into the ground during the work day, these boots ensured stability.

Consumers have stated that even after 16 hours working on a construction site, the shock absorption design along with the fiberglass shank allows for a comfortable work day with no foot pain.

The only major complaint that one wearer had was that the boot’s advertised size was too big for their feet. We didn’t personally experience this, but the reviewer did note that users should buy a ½” smaller size. While a little roomy, we didn’t notice a need to trade these in for a smaller pair. In fact, there’s a sizing chart available. According to Amazon, 72% of buyers stated that these boots fit as expected.


From the beautiful leather design to the comfortable lining, we loved wearing these boots. We were able to wear them when hiking, welding and even working on the car. Extended use doesn’t leave your feet sore thanks to the shock absorbing design and on wet surfaces, the rubber wedge outsole ensures that you’ll maintain great traction.