Timberland is one of the most famous boot brands in the world. Known for their high quality, we just had to try the PRO Men’s 26078 Titan for ourselves. Available in a dark mocha color, the Titan doesn’t easily get dirty and comes with a beautiful leather upper. It also features the PRO rubber sole that guarantees better traction on all surface types.

Moisture Absorbing

Ever walked in the heat only to find your feet soaked with sweat? Timberland has included what they call a moisture-channeling spacer. Essentially a mesh liner, this spacer adds comfort when walking, but also absorbs sweat, so it doesn’t soak your socks or feet.

Integrated with an anti-microbial treatment, this liner will protect your feet at all times – without worry of fungus or athlete’s foot.

Weighing just 1.7 pounds, every step you take is easy and allows for fluid motion. Along with a breathable material, wearers never need to worry about their feet becoming wet with sweat or producing excess odor ever again.

There’s even a 30-day comfort guarantee.

PRO Rubber Outsole

When you take a step on oil or a slippery surface, the PRO rubber technology will guarantee a better grip and traction. The sole is made from a patented technology that all PRO series boots include and is one of the reasons construction workers choose the Timberland brand when on a jobsite.

The midsole is made from durable cushioning to allow for a comfortable feel no matter how long you’re on your feet.

An alloy safety toe is both durable and lightweight. We dropped wrenches and even a hammer on our toe to see if we could feel the impact, but all of the force was deflected thanks to the alloy toe.

The shank is made of nylon, so it doesn’t add much weight or stiffen in the cold like metal shanks would normally.

Timberland PRO Titan Features

  • Alloy toe protection.
  • PRO rubber sole for added traction.
  • 1.7 pound weight.
  • Moisture absorbing spacer.
  • 30-day comfort guarantee.
  • Nylon diffusion shank.
  • Lightweight midsole.

What Others Are Saying

Over 400 satisfied customers have left a rating for this boot on Amazon. One of the most shocking statistics is that 89% of consumers said the boot fit exact to their size. If you’ve ever looked for boots online, you’ll know that this is a rarity.

One user stated that they’ve been in water to the very top of the boot and this model is 100% waterproof as stated. We did not test this personally, but we did step in puddles without getting our feet wet in the process. Being completely waterproof is a major bonus for any service professional or construction workers that has to deal with floods or rain often.

Wearers have stated that these boots are not as comfortable as previous models. As for us, we didn’t have pain or any discomfort after wearing them for 2 weeks straight.  There’s even a 30 day guarantee on comfort, so if you don’t find them comfortable, you can ask for your money back.


The Timberland Pro is an exceptional series, and the Men’s 26078 Titan 6 is no exception. Made for comfort, your feet will stay dry, and the mesh material will allow for adequate breathability when worn.

The boot is also waterproof, so you never have to worry about water seeping into the boot and soaking your socks. For a durable boot that provides the utmost in comfort and durability, the Titan 6” is a great choice.